Hazel’s first January

Hazel Grace Lindley had a super-social first Christmas, managing to meet her entire extended family at various locations –  including a 25-strong gathering in Petersfield on Boxing Day. Thanks to all the relatives who hosted her, and us.

The maternal grandparents are settling nicely into their new roles …


Here too is a blast from 1989, which goes to show that a) Hazel is very like her mother at that age, only more petite, b) I haven’t changed my hairstyle in 30 years.

1989 P and H

Back in France, we have our first booking for summer 2020, two weeks from late July to early August. More longer bookings would be welcomed by the proprietaires – less laundry and housework, more chance to travel! View Les Bruyeres on Trip Advisor  or Airbnb.

My latest work of flash fiction was thought by the editors of Spelk to be topical, so they published it just before the General Election. Click here to read the story ‘Us’ at Spelk

Another short piece, ‘A Flick of the Wand’,  appears in Pure Slush’s The Shitlist, a collaborative anthology of stories featuring a grouchy librarian called Euphoria Rivers. The book can be ordered  on the Lulu website. Electronic copy available soon.

After a modestly successful  festive season, Breton Sea Glass has a January sale/stock clearance offer, with 10% discount on earrings, necklaces, suncatchers and Christmas decorations. Free postage on smaller items. Click here to browse the Breton Sea Glass shop on Etsy

After a fairly challenging and sleep-deprived few weeks, Hazel’s parents are having a degree of success with a new, very structured routine, which can be summed up as MORE NAPS.

As Hazel approaches her 8-week anniversary, here are a couple more images. The right-hand one is from the evening when her parents went out for a meal, leaving DeeDee in charge of the baby monitor.

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